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K&C Diving is a well-established partner for the inspection, maintenance and repair of ships in the Belgian ports and inland shipping.

It carries out regular small repairs and propeller polishing for clients in Belgium. The K&C Diving West African subsidiary company can even carry out hull cleaning and vessel repairs on a larger scale.

K&C Diving wants to offer the best and most flexible service. It also wants to offer support to clients as quickly as possible in case of emergency. This is why it is capable of deploying an experienced diving team to anywhere in Belgium within three hours. 24/7!

Shipping  Duiker hull cleaning  Propeller repair
Our service provision for the shipping industry:

  • Clearing, polishing and cropping of propellers
  • Hull inspections and repairs under class BV (and repairs)
  • Welding anodes
  • Repairing hull damage
  • UWILD inspections (dry-dock postponement)
  • Determination of volume of maritime accumulation
  • Protection against propeller jam (clearing rope guards)
  • Installation of cover plate

Do you require urgent intervention? Contact us, we are available in case of calamities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (telephone number 0496/480 480)

How can K&C Diving help you with your project?

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