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The demolition time of rock formations and concrete constructions can be reduced by 60% through the use of Autostem pyrotechnic cartridges. Shorter demolition time of rock formations and concrete constructions through the use of pyrotechnic cartridges.

K&C Diving is the only diving company in Europe with certified personnel for the use of the pyrotechnic cartridges by Autostem, for underwater demolition. This certification was achieved by our divers after courses from the Dresdner Sprengschule in Germany. For this reason, K&C Diving is the exclusive distributor of the Autostem products in Belgium.

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Demolition works with pyrotechnic cartridges

These cartridges were designed to ‘break up’ rock formations and concrete constructions without an explosion with the associated blast wave and vibrations. The Autostem Cartridges are self-blocking, the only requirement is that holes are drilled into the construction that requires demolition. The cartridge will then anchor itself, which results in considerable time savings.

The use of Autostem pyrotechnic materials for splitting concrete constructions and rock formations has certain distinct advantages. It means that the execution time of demolition projects can be significantly reduced, the materials can be utilised in hard to reach places and in sensitive areas, where high explosives cannot be used or where traditional materials us too detrimental to the environment.

Besides, the use of pyrotechnic products is only subject to a limited number of administrative riles, especially when compared with explosives, even though they can be very efficient for certain applications. The use of these products is sometimes the only alternative to explosives, especially under water.

An overview of the advantages of working with Autostem pyrotechnic cartridges:

  • No tuning required, saving time and money.
  • Safer than traditional explosives: the cartridge is not explosive, so does not cause a blast wave, and a reduced volume of displaced rubble. A 30-metre safety perimeter is sufficient.
  • Weakens reinforced and non-reinforced concrete and most types of hard rock.
  • Suitable for use both above and below the water line.
  • The use of these cartridges is not subject to special licenses.
  • Can be used in almost all areas, even in sensitive areas where the use of traditional explosives is not practical.


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