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K&C Diving is an all-round contractor for any work on port and waterways infrastructure. We can undertake any maintenance, repairs or construction. K&C Diving has the experience, expertise and equipment for any type of project. Each assignment is carried out with safety and flexibility first and foremost.

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K&C Diving has previously completed the following projects for various clients:

  • Inspection and mechanical/hydraulic cleaning of locks/floodgates, pumping stations, quay walls, piers, berths/moorings, sheet pile walls, jetties and pontoons
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of locks/floodgates, lock gates and flood defences: including desludging and repair of deposits. But also: lock gate replacement, cleaning of recesses, repairs to pivots and sills, installation of cofferdams and caissons, replacement of rails.
  • Pouring underwater concrete for filling with soil-protective tar mats. But also: to strengthen the bedding of a concrete base or fill wells. K&C Diving has developed its own float system for more accurate pouring of concrete up to the desired level.
  • Underwater welding, flame cutting, drilling, grinding and sawing. But also: underwater chainsaw work (with adapted hydraulic chainsaws), removal or cutting/sawing of wooden constructions (dolphins, trees, jetties) or creating rectangular or square apertures in concrete constructions.
  • Concrete repairs and masonry work for sealing or plugging of sewage/drainage pipes.
  • Slipway repairs and renovations
  • Clearing waterways by way of salvage of obstructions (car wrecks, containers, litter, ...)
  • Installation or replacement of underwater anodes
  • Installation of constructions and assembly works
  • Application of underwater coatings
  • Repair of lock sills, diversion/bypass channels, sluices and foundations
  • Checking and cleaning of dirt grids
  • Installation of coffer sheets and sheet piling
  • Injection and sealing works
  • Placement of temporary seals
  • Earthmoving, small-scale dredging, installation of pumps
  • Creation of dry spaces through the installation of caissons
  • Placement of asphalt matting for the prevention of quay wall underwashing

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  • SBM maintenance & hose replacement

    SBM maintenance & hose replacement

    In January 2018, K&C Diving Ghana completed an SBM maintenance & repair project commissioned by Real Logistics and GMPS Oiltanking.

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  • Renovation Vandamme lock Zeebruges

    Renovation Vandamme lock Zeebruges

    At the beginning of 2018 Jan De Nul started a project that involved a complete renovation of door 4 of the Vandamme lock in Zeebrugge. K&C Diving provides all diving assistance during the entire project.

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  • Conserving piles at Nuclear Power Plant Doel

    Conserving piles at Nuclear Power Plant Doel

    Commissioned by Kerncentrale Doel and with Herbosch-Kiere as contractor, K&C Diving realized an extensive coating project at the water intake of the Doel 1 & 2 nuclear power stations. The large tidal activity at this location in the Scheldt meant that this project could not possibly be realized with traditional painting systems and deemed this project as a real challenge.

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