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The inspections by the experienced K&C Diving divers provide clarity below the waterline. The divers are experts in inspecting port infrastructure, vessels, waterways and civil underwater constructions, among other things.

Diver inspections

Our divers can take photos or a video recording of the inspection works carried out. For this, they use a high-resolution camera for crystal clear images. It is also possible for a client to watch the video inspection live and communicate with the diver.

The results from the inspection are summarised for you in a concise inspection report with clear conclusions, photos, specific recommendations and if necessary, a cost estimate of the repair activities required. In case of video inspections, these are added to the inspection report.

As well as visual inspections, K&C Diving also carries out various non-destructive investigations, such as ultrasonic wall thickness gauging, coring, and soil sampling.
Do you wish clarity and insight into the condition of your underwater infrastructure? Then contact us for a no-obligation cost estimate.

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Consultancy: expert advice

K&C Diving can shoulder the total project management of diverse assignments. The consultancy department can organise both the engineering side and project management. You are free to opt for complete management of your project by the diving company, or merely project support.

The K&C Diving divers are very experienced and technically skilled. They add value to the success factor of every project. Specific rules and restrictions apply when executing works in hyperbaric situations. 

A long list of factors and parameters must be taken into account when drafting procedures for operations below the water’s surface or under pressure. Depth, time, flow, visibility, temperature, ... all affect the methods, material choices and safety measures.
Each of the departments has the necessary know-how for providing expert advice on:

  • Coating projects
  • Construction projects
  • Demolition assistance with pyrotechnical material
  • Specific on-site machining application above and below water
  • Salvage projects
  •  Etc.

K&C Diving represents highly specialised applications and a personalised approach. Would you like to take advantage of our expertise? Then contact K&C Diving for a no-obligation consultation.  As soon as the consultancy department has a clear picture of your assignment, they will make a customised cost estimate for your specific project.

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How can K&C Diving help you with your project?

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation or a cost estimate.