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When the structural integrity of an infrastructure is in danger, a coating will not suffice. This situation will initially require repairs, then coating. In case of cracks and leakages at moderate pressure (up to 1 bar), K&C Coating utilises STOPAQ solutions. For repairs at higher pressure (up to 80 bar), the materials and applications from 3X Engineering are most suitable. These are composite materials containing Kevlar fibres that cure after application. More information on the 3X Engineering products can be found here.

Cracks and leakages at moderate pressure (up to 1 bar)

Immediate sealing of cracks and leakages at up to 1 bar of pressure can be done in no time with STOPAQ AQUABLOCK and STOPAQ AQUASTOP. These solutions for sealing underground and overground ducts for pipes and cables and hollow spaces are extremely suitable for protection against penetrating gas, moisture, stagnant water and groundwater. A list of the advantages:

Lekken dichten met STOPAQ Aquastop  STOPAQ Aquastop applicatie  STOPAQ Aquastop

  • The material swells up upon contact with water, creating a ‘Seal for Life’.
  • The seal remains flexible.
  • No special tools are required.
  • There is no loss of materials and the paste is reusable.
  • As there is no curing time, it is a fast solution.
  • It is still possible to install extra pipes and cables.

Cracks and leakages at moderate pressure (up to 1 bar)

A leak in a pressurised pipe must be sealed quickly and thoroughly. Such repairs can be carried out on site with 3X Engineering products. The STOPKIT enables divers to rapidly seal cracks from 10mm to 50mm in pressurised pipes up to 80 bar. More information on the 3X Engineering products can be found here.

3X Rollerkit Pipeline support  Reinforcekit 3X  Reparaties en verstevigen van leidingen

Structural repairs and support

Pipes, piles or support structures can become unstable due to impact damage or advanced corrosion. Situations like this are unsafe and must be rectified as soon as possible. The unstable structures can be repaired using REINFORCEKIT 4D by 3X Engineering. The kit is a curable wrapping that not only repairs pipes, piles and support structures, but also strengthens.

Pipeline supports form an essential part of the structural integrity of a pipeline. However, the patch where the pipeline rests on the support is prone to corrosion. When an inspection proves this to be true, this patch requires reinforcement. K&C Diving uses the 3X ROLLERKIT, which is applied on site. This 3X ROLLERKIT can be used both to prevent corrosion, and to remedy existing corrosion.

More information on the application possibilities of the REINFORCEKIT 4D and 3X ROLLERKIT by 3X Engineering can be found here.

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