K&C Diving, for all your underwater works

K&C Diving is a professional diving company that, due to its size and experience, can handle a very diverse range of diving activities and projects. A customised solution is developed for each project. The most appropriate action plan is determined together with the client, taking into account quality, price and timeframe. Within Belgium as well as across the borders. The expertise and flexibility of the experienced divers guarantee faultless implementation. They use the most modern materials and technologies to successfully conclude each project.

Services K&C Diving

Port and waterways infrastructure

K&C Diving is an all-round contractor for any work on port and waterways infrastructure. We can undertake any maintenance, repairs or construction. K&C Diving has the experience, expertise and equipment for any type of project. Each assignment is carried out with safety and flexibility first and foremost.

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Underwater civil engineering

K&C Diving is the perfect partner for efficient management and execution of underwater civil engineering projects. Almost any work carried out above the waterline can be carried out by K&C Diving below the waterline. It has both the means and the people for these types of works. Our objective? Completing projects to a high standard, within the agreed timeframe, and making the client happy!

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Coating, sealing and repairs

The high-quality coatings by K&C Coating offer protection to installations and infrastructure by making them corrosion-free and/or resistant to chemicals. It helps your installations, both above and below the water line, to remain operational and it eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming renovations.


Inspections & consultancy

The inspections by the experienced K&C Diving divers provide clarity below the waterline. The divers are experts in inspecting port infrastructure, vessels, waterways and civil underwater constructions, among other things.

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Design and manufacture of steel constructions

K&C Construct, strong in metal construction work. Because of the expertise in both port infrastructure and steel constructions, K&C Construct is the ideal partner for metal construction works by or in the water.

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Ship inspections, maintenance and repairs

K&C Diving is a well-established partner for the inspection, maintenance and repair of ships in the Belgian ports and inland shipping.

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Salvage works & oil spill management

K&C Diving has been asked several times to provide diving assistance for salvage works, both in Europe and in West Africa. For the prevention of and fight against oil pollution (oil spill management), K&C Diving has been in a partnership with the Arivic company since 2016.

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Rock and concrete demolition works

The demolition time of rock formations and concrete constructions can be reduced by 60% through the use of Autostem pyrotechnic cartridges. Shorter demolition time of rock formations and concrete constructions through the use of pyrotechnic cartridges.

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On site machining

When it is best that repairs or adaptations to installations are carried out on location, K&C Diving can also offer on-site machining, saving you time and money.

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