K&C Diving is certified for ISO 9001, VCA-P and Bureau Veritas.

The technical competence and professional integrity of the company earned the following accreditations for various contractor categories:

  • Maritime engineering work: Category B - class 4
  • Subcategory A1 - raising/lifting vessels – class 3
  • Subcategory F1 – assembly and disassembly only of support structures – class 3
  • Subcategory F2 - construction of metal structures - class 4
  • Subcategory V1 - installations for water treatment - provisional accreditation - class 1


K&C Diving does everything within its power to create a healthy work environment for its employees, subcontractors and clients. There are regular inspections in the workshops and offices to identify and eliminate potentially dangerous situations. K&C Diving’s professional divers are also put through regular medical check-ups.


At K&C Diving, the permanent diligence regarding safety is intertwined in company culture. The safety of employees, clients, suppliers and all people we work with is a very important aspect of our work. The equipment, materials and the personal protective equipment are systematically inspected and maintained to ensure the safety of our operations.

Furthermore, there are clearly defined safety procedures that the employees are aware of and actively implement in their work. One part of this is, for example, that each employee has the right to halt work when a situation appears to become unsafe. The work will only be resumed after safety can be guaranteed.


Care for our living environment is also very close to our hearts at K&C Diving. When preparing work, executing the work, such as dismantling a shipyard, there is painstaking attention to the prevention of environmental damage. For works where impact is unavoidable, everything possible is done to ensure that damage is kept to a minimum.